"Im Going To Vacation" is the 2nd episode of the American Documentary Series "Cs1200a2 Shorts"

Plot synopsis Edit

The episode opens up with the classic Cs1200a2 shorts intro.

The text "CS1200A2 Presents Before In The House" appears onscreen for a brief moment

Then "the big man" appears and says

"Aaah im going to vacation UGSDHSSDGhd house"

he walks a bit and then says

"l e t s g o h o m e"

he stands outside a house and says

"aahh man, that, i go tv"

Then big insane Animaions comes on screen,

it plays for a bit and is interrupted by big man proclaiming

"I'm breaking new TV for over a thousand years inaninate isanity"

Then the end plays

WTf boom productions

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This makes 0 sense wtf